Monthly Archives: October 2016

6: Institutional Racism with Lawyer Trisha Ananiades

Trisha Ananiades is an African-American lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law, and here she makes her case for the presence of serious institutional racism in the United States. Dan and Trisha discuss the constitutionality of “Stop & Frisk”, Trisha’s own life experiences of racism, and a host of other related questions.

4: Sharing Your Vote? with Brett Shears

Does every immigrant family automatically want Hillary as their president? Will they be happy with her? Actually, no. Dan is joined by Brett Shears of, and the two discuss eligible voters who voluntarily share their votes with non-eligible voters. This leads to fascinating territory, where civic engagement and empathy bleed together.

Bonus: Rigged Elections, WikiLeaks, Electoral College. Lightning Round with Robbie Evans

Dan is joined by his old friend and amateur political expert Robbie Evans for a quick-fire bonus episode. It’s a “lightning round” of questions raised by recent electoral news: what is the Electoral College, and can our votes be “stolen” by it? What have learned about WikiLeaks and through its email dumps? Are there really ever any rigged elections?

3: Illegal Immigrants with Chris Hoke

Dan is joined by Chris Hoke, prison chaplain and author of “Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws,” out now on HarperOne. Hoke lives and works among illegal immigrants, convicts, and ex-cons in Skagit Valley, Washington. He shares with us both heart-rending stories and mind-opening statistics surrounding the issue of illegal immigration.

2: Conservative Supreme Court with Joe Rose

Joe Rose (University of Chicago, Berkeley Law) joins host Dan Koch to both make his argument for conservative Supreme Court justices *and* his argument for why this motivation is insufficient to justify voting for Donald Trump. Topics: Intro to Supreme Court (3:30), the polarized fallout of Scalia’s death (7:30), Affirmative Action (13:00), why conservative judicial stances and conservative politics don’t always line up (24:00), Citizens United(28:00), why Trump will not select conservative justives after all (35:00), and a lightning round of 9 arguments from the Left for progressive justices (53:00).

1: Trump Rallies with Jared Yeates Sexton

On the first episode of Depolarize!, Dan chats with Jared Yeates Sexton, contributor to New Republic and The New York Times, about covering Trump rallies (2:15), the political divide in America (7:30), changing attitudes toward masculinity (31:30), generational differences (35:00), which rhetoric from Trump has no place in any discussion (42:00), narratives from the Left that fail (53:00), how to start to bridge the gap between Left and Right (1:03:00) and more.