1: Trump Rallies with Jared Yeates Sexton

On the first episode of Depolarize!, Dan chats with Jared Yeates Sexton, contributor to New Republic and The New York Times, about covering Trump rallies (2:15), the political divide in America (7:30), changing attitudes toward masculinity (31:30), generational differences (35:00), which rhetoric from Trump has no place in any discussion (42:00), narratives from the Left that fail (53:00), how to start to bridge the gap between Left and Right (1:03:00) and more.

One thought on “1: Trump Rallies with Jared Yeates Sexton

  1. So I’m a few years late but I have to say something. For a podcast with the name Depolarize to say that conservatives aren’t happy with the narrative of Fox news and instead go to Alex Jones and Breitbart instead. I want to hear what you have to say, but with such ridiculous and inflammatory accusations as this, I don’t know if I trust anything you have to say.

    Not a great start. I’m discouraged because I am really looking forward to a podcast that deals fairly with both sides and actually depolarizes. Your first episode was very one sided.

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