White Evangelicals Who Don’t Support Trump, Pt 1

In the Season 2 premiere, Dan Koch and Ellen Mauro interview 6 White Evangelical Christians, none of whom voted for nor actively support Donald Trump.  These voters are a partial sample of the other side of White Evangelicals, who infamously voted for Trump at an 81% rate in 2016; these, you might say, are the other 19%.  Episode timeline:

0:00 – Intro & Season 2 Preview

05:42 – Meet our Voters

08:40 – Pro Life?  Whole Life?

16:15 – Are they really Christians?

18:45 – Are their churches overtly political?

22:30 – Do they understand Jesus and politics differently?

31:15 – Dan feels “convicted”

34:30 – What do they love about America?

43:15 – How it feels to be in the minority

48:00 – What they wish Trump-supporting Christians understood about them.