White Evangelicals Who Don’t Support Trump, Pt 2

Dan & Ellen continue their interviews of White Evangelicals who did not vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. This episode is best listened to after Part 1.


0:00- Intro/Recap

2:42- Why did you NOT vote for Trump?

8:02- Did you ever consider voting for Trump?

8:40- Did you even give him a chance?

11:35- Is there anything Trump could do to make you support him?

22:40- Did you have religious reasons for voting against Trump?

27:39- “The OPENEST hearts”: Policy vs. character.

30:53- “CROSS talk”: Why do some Christians think it’s wrong to vote for Trump?

38:32- What does the term “evangelical” mean to you?

47:33- Do you still consider yourself an evangelical?

52:42- Next week on Depolarize! Podcast

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