Is That “81%” Statistic Reliable? A Closer Look at Evangelicals

Ellen and Dan speak with journalists & polling experts — Roxanne Stone of BARNA Group, Jon Ward of Yahoo! News and Robert P. Jones of Public Religion Research Institute — to wrap their heads around that infamous statistic (81% of white Evangelicals voting for Trump), understand what it means, and to dig deeper both into the present and the past of Evangelicalism amongst white Americans.  Also, we find out whether or not Ellen is, in fact, an Evangelical!

01:15- “Dan-splaining”: What is the hosting relationship? Who did the 19% vote for?

03:30- Episode summary

06:00- “The Religious White”: Roxanne Stone and the classification of Evangelical voters

10:40- “Is Ellen an Evangelical?”: The BARNA Group’s Evangelical test

15:30- Trump’s numbers amongst BARNA-certified Evangelicals

20:40- Robert Jones and changes in white, Evangelical America

25:40- “Evil tug O’ war”: A vote FOR Trump, or a vote AGAINST Hillary?

33:00- “Visceral dislike”: Why did Evangelicals have such a hard time with Hillary?

43:00- BARNA’s data on the election scandals, and how they influenced voters

52:00- Parallel institutions

01:01:00- Religious Liberty/Obergefell and white Evangelicals

01:09:20- “A note of compassion”: Closing thoughts

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