White Evangelical Trump Supporters, Pt 1

The first of two episodes centered on interviews with 10 White Evangelical Trump voters. Timeline:

0:00- Intro/”Family Therapist Soapbox Time”
10:00- Why did you vote for Donald Trump?
13:40- How central was abortion to your vote for Trump?
15:00- “Ellen Mauro: Abortion Maniac”: Polling data and the importance of abortion in the 2016 election.
24:07- What does the Gospel mean to you?
27:34- How should the teachings of Jesus inform a voter?
36:37- What do you see in Donald Trump?
39:20- “Agree to disagree”: John Ward and Trump’s changing of the climate of truth
46:15- “Cultural Drift”
54:33- What has Trump done that is good for the nation?
58:40- Is there anything Donald Trump could do to cause you to question your support?
1:04:21- Has Trump done anything that you’ve disapproved of?

Pew study mentioned: http://www.people-press.org/2016/07/07/4-top-voting-issues-in-2016-election/
Lifeway Poll mentioned: https://lifewayresearch.com/2016/10/14/2016-election-exposes-evangelical-divide/
Jon Ward (Yahoo! News): https://www.yahoo.com/author/jon-ward/

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