White Evangelical Trump Supporters, Pt 1

The first of two episodes centered on interviews with 10 White Evangelical Trump voters. Timeline:

0:00- Intro/”Family Therapist Soapbox Time”
10:00- Why did you vote for Donald Trump?
13:40- How central was abortion to your vote for Trump?
15:00- “Ellen Mauro: Abortion Maniac”: Polling data and the importance of abortion in the 2016 election.
24:07- What does the Gospel mean to you?
27:34- How should the teachings of Jesus inform a voter?
36:37- What do you see in Donald Trump?
39:20- “Agree to disagree”: John Ward and Trump’s changing of the climate of truth
46:15- “Cultural Drift”
54:33- What has Trump done that is good for the nation?
58:40- Is there anything Donald Trump could do to cause you to question your support?
1:04:21- Has Trump done anything that you’ve disapproved of?

Pew study mentioned: http://www.people-press.org/2016/07/07/4-top-voting-issues-in-2016-election/
Lifeway Poll mentioned: https://lifewayresearch.com/2016/10/14/2016-election-exposes-evangelical-divide/
Jon Ward (Yahoo! News): https://www.yahoo.com/author/jon-ward/

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One thought on “White Evangelical Trump Supporters, Pt 1

  1. I’m sorry I’m late to tuning into this, but I’m loving what you’re doing. Since the election I’ve been politically activated and growing in my awareness and engagement with civic issues as they effect others. Can’t wait to hear more.
    *Also miss being neighbors with you and J 🙂

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