Get Off Social Media?

Zombies? The Rapture? A country song *about* the Rapture? Check, check, and check. This week, Dan & Ellen take a break from voter-based episodes to discuss some more personal matters: anxiety and social media use, both of which are related to various forms of polarization in our current cultural landscape.  Along with some of Dan’s story/struggle with both of these, they hear from Dr. Donna Freitas and Jason Brooks about 1) what is going on our brains as we use social media, and 2) how college students use and think about social media.

2:25- “It’s your podcast; I’m just here for the wine”: Dan’s anxiety-timeline
5:00- “A contentious relationship with thunder”
6:30- Zombies?
10:00- “96 problems, but the end times ain’t one”: Existential dread in Dan’s 6th-grade mind
17:56- “The Mark of the Beach”: How Florida and the Antichrist became Dan’s anziety triggers
22:42- “The worst version of me. The best of everyone else.” Anxiety and social media
35:37- “Basically: Drugs”: Dopamine, isolation, social media, and the loss of a “third space”
52:58- Getting back to the real world
1:02:10- Recap/ We’ll see you next time “…in the rapture”

Anxiety and social media:

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Dr. Freitas:

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