*Simply Listening* to Christians of Color

We’re back to our voters this week, introducing five new voices.  But this episode is also different: no reaction commentary from Dan & Ellen, and only minimal narration from Dan for context.  Rather, we are going to practice the discipline of *simply listening* to the stories of these Christians, who happen to have been born to parents who are not both of Caucasian descent.


4:01- Meet our voters 

4:58- “…Like a shirt that is ill-fitting”: Their stories 

21:03- “The ROOT and the FRUIT”: The history of the Municipal Police Departments 

31:23- How does Jesus speak into all of this?

36:32- “How many African Americans listen to Hillsong?”: The overlap of racial tension and church life

46:02- Do you consider yourself Evangelical?

53:55- “Dumb white-boy question”

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