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Candice Clem Hijacked Her Interview And It Was Great

Candice was originally interviewed as one of our five Christians of Color, but our conversation went far enough afield, and was interesting and entertaining enough that we decided to give Candice her own episode.  She breaks down her experience growing up in the Korean American Church, her take on Donald Trump, and much more, all in real time. Candice and Dan also discuss depolarization in general, and why it might be an important goal for Christians.

2:06- When did she know she could not vote for Trump?

4:27- Candice’s conversation with African American Christian hip hop artist Derek Minor

7:06- Dr. Charles Hirschman and the contributions of the immigrant community

14:32- “Ways we might go”: Cultural considerations and the good/bad directions that we lean

18:57- Did Trump’s election make her fear for her safety or livelihood?

20:22- How have her interactions been with Trump supporters?

29:38- “The war of *ideological* aggression”: Jason Brooks on our connection with other people 

34:07- What is the one thing she wishes Trump supporters understood…?

38:29- What does she wish white Christians understood about Christians of color?

44:01- What is the gospel of Jesus Christ?

45:16- Does she consider herself pro-life?

49:31- What does Candice love about America?

Dr. Charles Hirschman:

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Going Deeper with Christians of Color

On our previous episode, Dan & Ellen took a backseat to the stories of five Christians of color, told in their own words.  This episode is a more standard Depolarize approach: dissecting and responding to these voters’ answers to Dan’s questions, and comparing them to what we heard from White Evangelicals (on either side of Trump) earlier this season.

4:05- Re-meet our voters

6:05- Why is it difficult for white Christians to talk about our “whiteness”?

12:28- Did Trump’s election make them feel unsafe?

15:33- Pro-life ambiguities: the view from their side

25:29- Why Christians of color might be less likely to vote Republican

27:25- What is the gospel of Jesus Christ, in their own words?

32:18- How should the teachings of Jesus inform a voter?

39:37- Why they didn’t vote for Trump

50:03- What have been their interactions with Trump supporters?

53:56- What do they wish white Christians understood about their communities?

1:04:56- “2-4% Neanderthal”: the arbitrariness of racism

1:08:23- What do they love about America?

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Depolarize! is produced by Dan Koch & mixed by Chris Keene

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