Going Deeper with Christians of Color

On our previous episode, Dan & Ellen took a backseat to the stories of five Christians of color, told in their own words.  This episode is a more standard Depolarize approach: dissecting and responding to these voters’ answers to Dan’s questions, and comparing them to what we heard from White Evangelicals (on either side of Trump) earlier this season.

4:05- Re-meet our voters

6:05- Why is it difficult for white Christians to talk about our “whiteness”?

12:28- Did Trump’s election make them feel unsafe?

15:33- Pro-life ambiguities: the view from their side

25:29- Why Christians of color might be less likely to vote Republican

27:25- What is the gospel of Jesus Christ, in their own words?

32:18- How should the teachings of Jesus inform a voter?

39:37- Why they didn’t vote for Trump

50:03- What have been their interactions with Trump supporters?

53:56- What do they wish white Christians understood about their communities?

1:04:56- “2-4% Neanderthal”: the arbitrariness of racism

1:08:23- What do they love about America?

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