Who Really Thinks Trump is a Christian?

Dan and Ellen confront the worry that has been nagging at Dan more than any other, since Trump’s nomination and election: did all those Christian voters *actually believe* that Trump was a Christian?

2:55- Are Trump supporters gullible, or simply following the status quo?

5:33- “True crime legend: James Dobson”: Trump’s status as a “Baby Christian” 

11:28- Were voters convinced by evangelical leaders’ support of Trump as a Christian candidate?

16:42- Trump as an honest man?

24:01- “Evangelical Illuminati”: Do Christian leaders believe their own claims?

26:20- Who are these evangelical leaders and what are they up to?

31:37- “Everybody’s gullible”: Ellen’s reactions

33:44- “Pew-sitters”: Does the average Evangelical agree with these Christian celebrities? 

50:46- A thought experiment with Jr and Sr Graham

53:08- Final Verdict: Are Trump voters, in fact, gullible? 

Jon Ward: https://www.yahoo.com/author/jon-ward/
Daryl Hart: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/protestprotest/
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