A Catholic, a Mennonite & an Orthodox Priest Walk Into a Podcast, Part 1

The first of a two-part episode wherein Dan Koch and Ellen Mauro consider the worldviews and stories of Mary (Roman Catholic), Tom (Greek Orthodox), and Jennifer (Mennonite). This is part of our series on Christian voters who do not consider themselves “Evangelical.” Part 2 airs next week, and will be the final episode of Season 2.

6:45 – Meet our voters
14:25 – Looking closer at Anabaptism (with Greg Boyd)
18:30 – Why are they not Evangelical?
24:45 – What is the Gospel, in their own words?
34:30 – Pro-Life Questions
44:00 – Jesus, Politics, Etc.
54:34 – Sneak Peek of Next Week

– – – –

Depolarize! is produced by Dan Koch & mixed by Chris Keene

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