Season 3 Update & New Bonus Episodes

Quick update about the upcoming third season of Depolarize (yes, Ellen will be back, too!), and an announcement of a new feature for Patrons of the show: two exclusive episodes per month!

Topics will range all over the place: theology, science, politics, music, psychology, sexism — really whatever I find interesting, such that a friend or acquaintance of mine is either expert, or I think would make a good conversation parter. They will usually be 30-45 minutes long, but this first conversation was too good, so we kept rolling: what is the line for Christian orthodoxy? How do we know the boundary, and does it matter if we have a boundary at all?

Everyone over the $3/mo boundary will get access to these episodes, so feel free to invite any friends who might be on the fence about supporting this show and my other podcasting work. Thank you so much!

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