While You Were Evangelizing: Hell (with Dale B. Martin)

Welcome to a new season of Depolarize!  Dan and Ellen are excited to be back in the saddle, and this week we are debuting a new episode style: While You Were Evangelizing. What was going on in the more liberal-leaning Mainline Protestant church over the last 70 years?  Dale B. Martin helps us compare and contrast Evangelical and Mainline approaches to the question of Hell.

Dale’s book “Biblical Truths”: https://www.amazon.com/Biblical-Truths-Meaning-Scripture-Twenty-first/dp/0300222831

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One thought on “While You Were Evangelizing: Hell (with Dale B. Martin)

  1. I REALLY liked this. I think it’s helpful and still fits in with the “depolarized” nature of the show in that it avoided the absolutes of ECT and Universalism, which to many are the only two choices. The “rethinking Hell” podcast was a tremendous eye-opener to me and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this topic. SCB

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